Todays Thought

I don´t mind!!  Everything comes and goes!!
I am thiss space....ever PERFECT!!
Nothing sticks to me.......never stuck!!
I am fresh, unpollutable...FREE!!
Just to be!!

A single word is all it takes to change a life.
A single word uttered with passion, can demolish or renovate the house of the heart

Every syllable has the potential for transforming dreams into reality
and nightmares into flesh.
Whether you choose to speak with malice or love is entirely up to you!!

Caiseal Mo`r


Whatever your personal history, the truth of who you are remains intact.
As a diamond is still a diamond even when it´s hidden under dirt
so underneath your fears and seeming human imperfections your essens remains
as God created it : INTACT AND STILL WHOLE!!
The worst that can happen is that the diamond within you can be burried under
so much dust that you forget that there ever was a diamond within at all.
Even so it doesn´t alter the diamond.
Your essence can never be destroyed.

Miranda Holden