Todays Thought


Healing.     Music and tone healing.            

Mattis music has  healing and relaxing qualities!!
Also uplifting and inspiring, the music of Mattis is flowing through different styles and energies.  In his travels a lot of instruments has been collected; tibetan bowls, bell, flutes from many countries, australian didjeridoo and african drums.
They are all used in healing sessions and on all his cd´s.

Here is how a seesion can be:  After  a conversation and a few relaxing excersises,you lay down on a matress and relax.  We start with ”tuning” the body in harmony with the surroundings, with an OM-tuner.   After some time tne instruments are being played.
Different each time according to your needs at the time.  Also the length of a session can vary from time to time.  Normally 40-60 minutes.
Then we end with a deeksha or dance session!!

I also sing sanskrit mantras with different energies.
You can get your personal mantra  home with you to sing and quietly repeat on your own.

Sanskrit is the ancient language which is used in the Hindu and Buddhist  traditions in hymns and prayers.  Each syllable, carries a vibration, that affects some part of the body.  The meaning of the words is  not so important for the effect of the mantra!!   It is in fact better not to know.  Then we don´t create so many ideas and conceptions.

In most languages, a word is a definition of  an experience. For example: you see a tree and think…ahh!!  A tree!!
In sanskrit is the experience the definition of a word!!  That is…when you say a word, then the experience, within, is the definition of the word.

Soo...The real definition of a mantra is the EFFECT is has on anybody!!