Todays Thought

Mattis is a swedish world musican playing celebration music with
a touch of the heart. Mantra songs, chants, bhajans, in many styles,
ballads, reggae, calypso, folk.

(short resume): I grew up in Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden, in the 60´s.
Played out the rebel in me and listened to Beatles, Dylan, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd,
Simon & Garfunkel, Donovan and many more of the brilliant bands in those days.
I had learned to play the trumpet so I could read and understand the basics of music. 
Music was and is my biggest interest!!

Started to play in a local band in Helsingborg, ”Tillståndet” (rock-jazz fusion).
Trumpet and saxophones, flutes, rythms.   
Then moving out in the country I got to know some people in a commune called,
 ”moder jord” (mother earth), so I was apart of their band for many years, (even nowadays).
We are a rock/folk/country band with quite a following!!
Recorded a vinyl record ”jordljus” together with other so called progg musicians,
played in the streets of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, live on radio and also in the tv.

I learned to play the guitar and started to write my own songs and music.    
Started to travel the world in the 80´s.
I was all over the carribean, India-Asia, Australia, the South pacific islands, New Zealand,
the USA, going for 15 years.  Playing my songs and 70´s ballads in the streets and on pubs.  

I met an enlightened yoga master  Gurumayi Chidvilasananda in Oakland California
and my priorities changed. Now I experienced the natural bliss and peace that comes
from my own being without any stimulants.  I started to visit her ashram,
in Ganeshpuri, north of Bombay, India.
I had many great experiences there and learned yoga and mantra singing.  
I took a consciuos decision to stay more in Sweden when my mother and father got older,
to serve and help them.  I bought an old country house 1994 where I live now,
in klöva hallar just outside off Helsingborg.