EVENTS!!!         svenska

Me and my partner Dinmali( are giving workshops-courses-events
on many different themes.

I do shamanistic SWEATLODGES and FIREWALKS!!!

In a hectic modern lifestyle we often loose contact with our Mother Earth and her powerful elements!!     AIR-FIRE-WATER-EARTH ETHER.
Sweatlodges and firewalks are ancient healing and empowerment ceremonies.
So I do workshops wich include talks and sharing sessions in circleform, often using the”talking stick”.    When you hold the stick, everybody just listens with no interuption (if you not specifically ask for feedback!)  and give you 100% attention.
We do singing-chanting-drumming to get into the body.
Moving with yoga-tai chi - chi gong and dance!!

 Small groups up to 15-20 persons.  We build the lodge and prepare oueselves
in a couple of hrs.  Gathering firewood in the forrest,doing zen-walks in silence and contemplate the theme off the day.  Focusing on different qualities like strength-faith-forgiving-giving thanks etc.

Deep transformation-release-healing-visioning-empowerment is the result off this very powerful workshop-ceremoni!! 


 Firewalking can be done in large groups(often a minimum off 15 people!) up to several hundred persons!   Prepairing takes a couple off hrs,building the fire and giving a workshop where we build the energy through a strong discourse and interesting exercises.
Very EXTATIC celebration-empowerment-healing is the result off this MAGIC ceremony!! or call 004643519018   for more details.
                                                 Mobile 0046704055247

     COST in swedish kr: Sweat lodge—400 skr per person.
                                        Firewalk------400 skr per person.  (minimum price, 4000 skr)

    CONSERTS , singing evenings.


We have a BIG consert at the end off may every year,in a dance pavilliong up in the beautiful beech forrest near our house.  Heartdance, extatic drums and dance!!
Performances of upcoming artists, young and old, together in a celebration for the spring
and early summer!! 


We just gather for an evening off surprises and Celebration!!

    MANTRA SONGS  (bhajjans),heartsongs evenings!!

   A HOME IN MYSELF!!  (relaxing in what is!)  A one day course!

Yoga-chi gong.
Sound healing.
Family constellations & related exercises.
Mantra songs & release excersises
Dance and celebration!!
Deeksha ,transfer off divine energy.